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scenic area----Mt huangshan

Mt Huangshan is best known for its extraordinary aesthetic mountainous features . The main scenic area covers an area of 154 square kilometers and is comprised of numerous peaks of varying heights and grotesque rocks of different formation . Words fail to describe the changeable beauty.Tiandu (Heavenly Capital )Peak, Lianhua ( Lotus Flower) Peak and Guangmingding (Bright Summit )are all over 1800 meters high. The mountain views vary from season to season and change with every moving step. Oddly shaped pines, grotesque rock formations, sea of clouds and hot springs are crowned as "Four Ultimate Beauties".
[Hot Springs Scenic Area ] hot_spring.jpg
Here one can see One Thousand Feet Spring, Inverted V-shaped Waterfall, Peach Blossom Brook , Sword Testing Rock and Intoxicated Rock . The hot springs water is good for drinking, bathing and is beneficial for good health. The area is linked with Mercy Light Chamber by 1.5KM road , and is further linked with Jade Screen Tower by a cable bridge.

[Jade Screen Tower Scenic beihai2.jpgArea]
Called " Palace in Heaven", Jade Screen Tower is as high as cloud with Greeting Pine and Farewell Pine standing in front. The three highest peaks , Bright Summit, Lotus Flower Peak and Heavenly Capital Peak are all in view . Heavenly Capital Peak is very dangerously steep . Standing here , one is greeted by a panorama of numerous peaks and rocks half hidden in the clouds.

[Grand Canyon ] grand_canyon.jpg This newly-developed scenic area allows tourists to linger half way up the cliff to view is magic world West Sea Scenic Area, Bright Summit, Heaven Sea and White Cloud Scenic Area make a small circle to divert the tourist flow and to allow for better angles to en' fantastic views. Also this is a passage leading to the west gate of the mountain to Three Water Mouth, Hook Bridge Nunnery, Jiaocun
town, and is a quiet and pretty world of its own.

[White Cloud Scenic Area] beihai1.jpg
It is located west of the mountain and is also called Hook Bridge Nunnery. Along Hook Bridge, Three Water Mouth, Immortal Walking on the Stilts, Buxian Bridge, Stone Bed Peak, Botanical Garden and the center of the Heavenly Sea, there are more than 20 scenic spots in 10 kilometers with an altitude difference of 1000 meters. All these make up a fantastic view.

[North Sea Scenic Area] beihai3.jpg
This is the center of Huangshan scenic area with many attractions close by such as Cooling Terrace, Monkey Gazing at Sea, Immortals Playing Chess, 18 Arharts Pray to the South Sea, Brush Pen Peak and Dawn Pavilion. Cooling Terrace on the Lion Peak is the best site to enjoy the sunrise and view a sea of clouds. Beginning-to-Believe Peak convinces tourists Mt. Huangshan is the most marvelous mountain in the world. Oddly shaped pines like Black Tiger Pine and Lover's Pine are found mainly in the area.

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to know Huangshan Municipality

Situated in the south of Anhui Province and at the juncture of Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces ,Huangshan Municipality is known for the Huangshan scenic resort (Mount Huang or Yellow Huang ) within it .Formerly known as Huizhou Prefecture ,the municipality was estabilshed in November 1987. Covering the Huangshan Mountain scenic spot and districts of Tunxi, Huangshan(Taiping) and Huizhou, as well as Shexian, Xiuning ,Qimen and Yixian counties,the municipality has a population of 1.5 million .Eighty percent of its area of 9,807 square kilomeres is covered by mountains. History of the present-day Huangshan Municipality dates back to remote past. As early as in the New Stone Age , the local people called "ShanYue" were active on the upper reach of Xin'an River. The name was changed into "Huizhou" in 1121. Over the long-lasting history there was nourixhed peculiar Huizhou Culture including the local architecture ,opera ,cuisine ,carving ,block print ,epigraphic study ,Xin'an medicine and so on .Studies on Huizhou together with studies on Dunhuang and studies on Tibet have become the three major branches in the resacher of China's regional cultures. Huangshan Municipality has nearly 5000 historical sites ,among which 50 are national or provincial protected sites ,in which the national -level ancient town of Shexian, the memorial archways in Tangyue, the stone Arch of Xu Guo ,the civilian residential housing in Xidi ,Hongcun and Nanping villages of Yixian county, the one of China's Daoist seats Qiyun Mountain,the ancient street in Tunxi , the Huangshan mountain on the List of World Nature and Cultural Heritage , Xin'an River known as a "natural gallery", and the primitive natural area in Bull peak have the most famous reputation around the world .
Many tourists are confused with the location of "Huangshan".
Huangshan Municipality includes Huangshan Mountain scenic spot, Tunxi district, Huangshan district , Huizhou district ,Shexian county ,Xiuning county ,Yixian county and Qimen county.
Huangshan Mountian is located in Huangshan Mountain scenic spot.
Tunxi district is the centre of Huangshan Municipality .

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